Gísli Hauksson among top three Businessmen of the Year in Iceland

2.1.2018 Media Coverage

“The company's assets under management keep growing, and at the same time, Gísli's vision of the future has been more clear than that of many others,” a jury member says.

Gísli Hauksson - Málstofa 12.09.17Gísli Hauksson, chairman and co-founder of GAMMA Capital Management, is among the top three shortlisted as Businessman of the Year 2017 by Markaðurinn (e. The Market), a weekly business supplement of the biggest Icelandic newspaper Frettabladid, in co-operation with the Channel 2 TV station.

The title is awarded by a jury consisting of over forty members from the Icelandic business community and business-media.

The jury notes that as chairman and co-founder, Gísli has led the successful build-up and development of GAMMA Capital Management, both in Iceland and abroad. GAMMA was established in 2008.

“The company's ten-years of progressive development have delivered great results, both for GAMMA's owners and its clients,” said one member of the jury. “The company's assets under management keep growing, and at the same time, Gísli's vision of the future has been more clear than that of many others,” another jury member says, adding; “Since the lifting of capital controls [in Iceland] this year, GAMMA appears to have been better positioned to take advantage of the opportunities that followed.”

Offices in London, New York and Switzerland

Some jury members point out that this year GAMMA has opened new offices in the United States and Switzerland, in addition to the company's headquarters in Iceland and its office in London which opened in 2015.

Furthermore, one jury member suggests that Gísli Hauksson was the first to anticipate the rebound of the domestic housing market, as funds under the company's management have been leading investment in Icelandic real estate in recent years. “The company's growth has been unbelievable and unlike anything else we have witnessed among other Icelandic fund management companies,” says another jury member.

Businessman of the year

The jury selected Birgir Þór Bieltvedt as Businessman of the Year. For the last six years he has owned and operated the world-renowned Domino's franchise in Iceland, Norway and Sweden. This year he sold the Icelandic operation to the Domino's Pizza Group (DPG), holder of the franchise in the UK, for ISK eight billion (around €64 million). He remains a shareholder in the operation in Norway and in Sweden.

Also shortlisted was Jón Sigurðsson, investor and Managing Director of the investment company Helgafell. It is worth noting that Jón is also a former employee and shareholder in GAMMA. Jón is now a board member of the European soft drink manufacturing company Refresco Group and the Icelandic oil company N1. He was a key player in the sale of Refresco Group to PAI Partners and British Columbia Investment Management for the equivalent of ISK 200 billion (around €1,6 Billion) and in N1's takeover of the second largest retailer in Iceland, Festi.