GAMMA fund has been shortlisted for the Hedge Fund Review European Performance Awards

30.10.2017 Philanthropy

GAMMA Capital Management's Iceland Fixed Income Fund (GAMMA: IFIF) has been shortlisted for the Hedge Fund Review European Performance Awards 2017, as the Best Hedge Fund under 100m USD. GAMMA: IFIF is the first Icelandic fund to ever be shortlisted for these prestigious awards.

An actively managed long/short fixed income fund focused on Icelandic markets, GAMMA: IFIF was launched as GAMMA Capital Management's flagship product when the firm was founded in 2009, during the apex of Iceland's banking meltdown. Having been the first fund to employ long/short market-neutral strategies in Icelandic fixed income markets, GAMMA: IFIF is mostly uncorrelated to other asset classes in Iceland and has consistently delivered outsized returns to its investors by adhering to the same quantitatively driven and disciplined investment process guiding its investments since founding.

GAMMA: IFIF is the third GAMMA fund to receive recognition for its outstanding track record in 2017. GAMMA's flagship real estate fund was awarded the HFMWeek European Hedge Fund Performance Awards 2017 in the Macro under 500m USD category in April, and its GAMMA's Credit Opportunity Fund was recently shortlisted for the ACI European Performance Awards in four categories.

"We at GAMMA are extremely proud of GAMMA: IFIF's decade-long track record of delivering returns to our clients, and grateful for the recognition. The fund was launched during unprecedented turmoil in financial markets, but has consistently proven the merits of GAMMA's investment approach throughout the investment cycle," says Gísli Hauksson, Chairman and co-founder of GAMMA.

Please find the list of the nominations here