Advisory Services

GAMMA has provided economic advisory and consultation services since 2008, to the Icelandic government and the Icelandic Parliament, international investors, large companies and municipalities.

Services include:

  • Briefing and advice on Icelandic economical and political matters.
  • Advisory on investing in the Icelandic economy.
  • Corporate restructuring and acquisitions assessment.
  • Liability management and analysis for insurers and other large Icelandic companies, including currency,  interest rate, credit and derivatives analysis. 

Advisory clients and projects include:

  • Advice for various foreign parties including banks, asset managers and private equity funds.

The Icelandic economy, politics and investing in Iceland

Impact of a UK-Iceland Submarine Power Cable on Icelandic Households (2013). Report in Icelandic here

Landsvirkjun‘s Renewable Energy Potential and its Impact on Iceland's Economy (2011). Report in English here

Macro economic impact of HS Orka‘s operations on the Reykjanes Peninsula in Iceland. Report in Icelandic here

  • The Icelandic Parliament.

Advice to a number of Parliamentary Committes 2008-2015, e.g. on exchange rates, inflation, cost/benefit analysis of legislation etc.

Report (2011) to the Parliament‘s Budget Committee on the impact on the Icelandic state‘s fiscal position of proposed legislation on a settlement of a dispute on potential state liabilities in relation to foreign deposit scheme (Icesave) of Icelandic bank Landsbanki. Report in Icelandic here

  • Prime Minister‘s Office, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Education in Iceland.

Advice on economic effect of various legislative matters (2011-2015).

  • Central Bank of Iceland.

Advise on the corporate bond market and m-t-m pricing.

  • Housing Financing Fund in Iceland (government institution granting mortgage loans) (

Analysis of the Icelandic Residential Housing Market

Analysis of early mortgage repayment risk

  • Around half of all listed companies on the NASDAQ OMX stock exchange in Iceland, including i.a. Sjóvá (insurance), Tryggingamiðstöðin (insurance), Marel (leading global provider in the food processing industry) and Reitir (real estate)

Number of reports on e.g. derivative calculation, real estate market, liquidity management

  • Icelandic Financial Services Association (

A comprehensive report on the role of cpi linked bonds in the Icelandic Economy, report here

Currency risk management and liquidity management.

  • Infrastructure investment in Iceland
The report can be viewed here: Infrastructure investment in Iceland  

  • Investment opportunities in Icelandic tourism 
The report can be viewed here: Tourism in Iceland

 GAMMA Economic Advisory Services are provided by GAMMA Radgjof ehf.